What size van?

After following a well-travelled trail through caravan parks, camping expos, manufacturer’s workshops and dealer’s yards, exploring a wide variety of Campervan / Motorhome / Camper-Trailer / Caravan options, we chose a 6 metre van as a base vehicle for our RV travels – a medium wheel-base (MWB) Mercedes Sprinter 316 CDI.

Class categories

In a nutshell, the MWB Sprinter drives like a car, is large enough to include a bathroom, yet small enough to park at the local shopping centre.

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Layout Options

While the size of your base van generally defines your cabinet layout options, we were keen to have a permanent bed to avoid re-making the bed each evening.

We half-succeeded…… maintaining a permanently made-up bed while preserving a separate seating / dining area is a big ask in a compact van!

Living area - Compact RV

After experimenting with a permanent ‘east-west’ bed across the rear of the van, we settled on a semi-permanent north-south bed (on the permanent east-west base) with a dining area between the bed and the kitchen area.

This arrangement has proven to be an ideal compromise, providing a permanent bed when required, an easily reclaimed living and dining space in cold weather, and a much-needed permanent storage area for large items under the bed.

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Appliances & Accessories

Who’d uv thunk it?

Back in the day, camping meals used to be centred around open fires, camp ovens and jaffle irons. 

Weber Baby Q

These days every camp site is connected to renewable energy sources, powering a wide range of home-style appliances to support glamping holidays.

A Campervan or Motorhome takes comfortable camping to the next level – even in a compact layout. 

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Free-camping Sustainability

For many, the ‘holy grail’ of the campervan / motorhome experience is to be fully self-contained and self-sufficient. Energy supply is a major consideration in maintaining self-sufficiency.

Off Grid CamperAppliances in our van are powered by

    • Electricity (12V or 230V);
    • Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG);
    • Diesel fuel.

Our electrical appliances – refrigerator, lights, TV, water pump, etc – are powered by 12V electricity. Some portable 230V appliances, such as a sandwich press, can be powered by a 12V DC – 230V AC inverter.

12V power is supplied by 2 x 120Ah deep-cycle LiFePO4 (Lithium) batteries, which can be recharged with electrical current generated by:

    • a 150W solar panel on the roof;
    • a 200W portable solar blanket;
    • the vehicle alternator;
    • a 230V AC power supply.

Our cooking facilities and hot water heating are powered by LPG or 230V.

    • LPG is supplied from two LPG bottles – 4.5Kg and 2.5kg. 

Our air heating is provided by a ducted Diesel heater or a portable 230V ceramic fan heater.

    • Diesel fuel for the heater is supplied from the vehicle’s 75L fuel tank.

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Shower HeadWhile it is relatively easy to maintain our electricity supply indefinitely while off the grid (topping up our batteries using the sun or the alternator) there is no such ‘renewable’ option for topping up our water supply – unless it rains!

Conservation of water is a key factor in free-camping longevity – especially in a compact van with limited water storage capacity.

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Suppliers & Manufacturers

Looking for equipment for a DIY fit-out, or accessories for your current Campervan or Motorhome?

WestfaliaYour local caravan and camping supplier is probably the best place to start. If those businesses are unable to supply your needs, check our list of online suppliers.

Or maybe you are looking for a new van?

Browse through our list of new and used van Suppliers and Manufacturers.

(Even if you are not in the market to buy a new van, it is great to have a browse through these manufacturer’s wares for some innovative ideas!)

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Campervan & Motorhome News

Latest interesting news and information about Campervans and Motorhomes.

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