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Once your van layout, major appliances, and power supply are sorted – or you have purchased a Campervan or Motorhome already fitted out with cabinetry and major appliances – there are plenty of ‘essential’ accessories that you can add to your setup, to streamline and personalize your travel experience.

Keep in mind though that every ‘extra’ consumes space and adds weight to your van.

Crockery, cutlery and cooking utensils are obviously the first accessories to pack. Here are some suggestions, from our experience, for other gear….

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Kitchen utensils Kitchen utensils – Pots, pans, glasses, crockery and cutlery. Most camping retail outlets have a wide range of kitchen / cooking / eating utensils suitable for motorhomes and caravans.

Kitchen appliances Kitchen appliances – If you will be staying in campgrounds with 230V power, and you have the storage space, a toaster, sandwich press, kettle, coffee maker, etc, will lift the comfort level. (Some of these appliances can also be used in non-powered sites if you have Lithium batteries and an inverter.)

Storage tub Storage tubs – Useful for organising and containing many of the bits and pieces listed below, when stored under the bed. Especially wet hoses, etc. Wheeled containers have proven to be handy for rolling to retrieve from the back of the van.

Hoes Bag Hose Bag – Neat and simple accessories for easily winding and storing water hoses and electrical cables.

LED lights LED lights – Small, battery-operated lights with motion sensors, fitted with Velcro, are useful for night-time access to cupboards, the bathroom, etc. An external awning light activated with a key-tag remote control has proven to be particularly useful when returning to the van at night.

Fridge temperature gauge Wireless fridge thermometer – Provides an accurate temperature readout for your fridge, so the temperature can be adjusted (if necessary) to account for varying ambient temperatures and the impact on battery consumption.

Towel Rail Towel railsFitted under the rear cupboards above the bed (driver side), and below the TV, these are essential for drying bath towels, beach towels and tea-towels while travelling.

15A lead 15A extension lead – For hooking up to power in van parks. Generally available in 20 metre and 10 metre lengths. We now carry one of each, to avoid rolling up a 20 metre lead when the power outlet is adjacent to the van.

Ampfibian Ampfibian 15A-10A adaptor – Connect your van to a domestic mains power supply, legally and safely. Essential for cooling your fridge overnight before you leave home, or when staying for a couple of nights in family and friends’ driveways.

Sullage hose Sullage hose – For connecting your grey water tank to van park drainage facilities.

Water Hose Water filling hose – Choose a ‘drinking water quality’ hose to refill your fresh water tank, or connect to town water. We now carry two hoses, which can be joined together, for those sites with distant tap connections.

Snap on hose fitting Snap-on tap connector – To connect your snap-on water filling hose to screw-on taps. Keep a couple of spares in the van, just in case you leave one behind (almost guaranteed!)

Hose coupler Snap-on hose coupler – Join two water hoses when connecting to town water on sites with distant tap outlets.

water-filter Water filter – Snap-on inline filter used in conjunction with your filling hose, to filter out the nasties. The B.E.S.T filter does the job for 5000 litres of water, and can be reverse flushed to clean.

Water storage Supplementary water storage – Depending on where you are travelling, additional water storage containers can be fitted in unused space under the bed, etc – 5L to 25L. Though keep in mind that 1 litre = 1 kg.

Levelling Ramps Levelling ramps  – Useful for a level night’s sleep on sloping free-camp sites and to ensure that the sink and shower don’t pool on one side – opposite the drain.

Level App Levelling app – for your iPhone. Use in conjunction with the ramps above. (Our pick – Surface Level)

Tee Bubble level Tee bubble level – For those who prefer the non-digital version of the iPhone Surface Level app above.

 Folding chair Folding chairs – Choose carefully….. not too big, not too small, not too low, not too high – something that is comfortable to relax on, but can also be used to eat meals at a table. Folded/packing size is an important consideration too.

 Folding table Folding table – Choose a table that suits your storage space. Ideally a table with adjustable leg height – lower to suit dining with your folding chairs, higher when used as a cooking platform with your Weber, etc. (This table suits our setup.)

Weber Baby Q Weber Baby Q oven – Essential for tasty home-cooked meals and pizzas. Buy a 2.5kg gas bottle for the Weber, which will also serve as a backup when your main van bottle expires half-way through a meal. (Weber How-to Videos)

Sandwich Press

Sandwich press – Handy for quick meals and snacks. Can run effectively from 12V batteries using an inverter.

Truma LevelCheck Truma Levelcheck – Measures the fluid level remaining in an LPG bottle. Very handy.

Popup tub Pop-up bucket/tub – mmmmm….. compact, and ideal for carrying dishes to the camp kitchen, transferring water, etc. But they are expensive, and are lucky to last 18 months before the plastic fails at the ‘creases’. We have returned to using a regular non-collapsible tub for our camp kitchen transport.

Bamboo shower board Bamboo shower board – Keep your feet dry using the toilet when the shower floor is wet.

Portable light Portable light – Handy for the outside table, lighting cooking areas, etc. Our pick – the Zempire Luken.

Torch and Headlamp Torch & headlamp – An easily accessible torch and/or headlamp is always useful when camping or travelling.

USB Socket USB socket adaptor – Plug into 12V sockets to keep those cameras, phones, iPads and other accessories charged. A 2.1A outlet will provide faster charging for larger devices, such as iPads.

 Awning floor mat Awning floor mat – If staying for more than a couple of days, create an additional ‘room’ under your awning. Choose an appropriate size floor mat (lightweight mesh) to suit your vehicle / awning size.

Foam floor mat Foam floor panels – Staying on a sandy site? Or maybe it is raining when you arrive? These foam mats are useful for short overnight stays, or sites where deploying the full floor mat (above) may not be necessary.

Privacy screen Privacy side screen – Handy if your awning has a channel that can accommodate a slide-in wall – especially in hot, sunny, or crowded locations. Available from most caravan parts suppliers. (Campsmart F45s example)

Privacy end screen Privacy end screen – A DIY project tailor-made to create a cozy exterior room, in conjunction. with the side screen above.

Insect screens Fitted insect screens – Relax inside on a warm night with doors open and no mozzies!

Window vent Window vents – Fresh air overnight with windows closed. Helps reduce condensation in inclement weather.

Sirocco fan Caframo Sirocco fan – Keep the air circulating on warm nights when camped off the grid. Permanently mounted, powered by 12V. Includes a timer so you can leave the fan running when nodding off to sleep. Very low power consumption (0.13 Ah on low setting), and very quiet.

Fan Rechargeable portable fan – An option if you don’t have a permanently mounted Sirocco fan (above). Runs independently from your van’s batteries or from 230V. Test before you buy, to ensure that sufficient air is actually circulated. The big downside to most of these rechargeable fans is the crazy time taken to recharge (10-24 hours!).

Fan Heater Fan heater (230V) – Keep your living space warm in cold weather if you are staying on a site with a 230V mains power connection. Various models available from $15 for a basic fan heater to $50 for an upmarket ceramic fan heater. Models from 220mm to 260mm tall. (See also: Van heating options)

Fire pit Flat pack fire pit – Ideal for those campsites where open fires are permitted. Packs flat for easy transport – but there is a weight penalty (up to 18kgs!). Widely available at camping and online stores. Choose one that a) includes a sturdy carry bag, b) fits your storage space, and c) includes a cooking plate/grill.)

Marshmallow forks Telescopic marshmallow forks – An essential accessory if you have packed the fire pit above! (Also available individually at BCF.)

Folding Step Folding step – Very handy for the vertically challenged, especially for delving deep into the over-cabin storage area or reaching to the top of the bike rack.

Fiamma Bike Rack Bike rack – Our Fiamma bike rack fits on one rear door of the van, which permits the doors to be opened without removing the bikes.

Windscreen Squeegee Extendable windscreen squeegee – Save yourself a climb on the roo-bar to clean the windscreen on those long country drives.

Squeegee for Shower Shower squeegeethe smaller the better! Use for pushing leftover shower water (that hasn’t completely drained) to the floor drain. As well as a quick wipe of the walls. (See also: Bathroom accessories.)

Clothes line and pegs Clothes line and pegs – always useful. Choose a rope line that can double for use to tie down loose luggage, bikes, awnings, etc.

Velcro Velcro – Keep a selection of strips, dots and straps available in the utility cupboard. Always handy.

Nuts and screws Nuts, screws, washers and bolts – always useful.

Tool kit Tool kit – Essential, when you need it.

Portable drill Battery-powered Drill / Driver – Not something that you will use every day, but very useful to have available when you do need it. Pack some drill and driver bits too. Recharge before you leave home.

Saw combo Bush saw / hacksaw combo – Very handy. Cuts firewood one day, aluminium angle the next.

Folding shovel Folding shovel – Essential tool when you need it for water diversion channels, bogged wheels, etc.

Camp tools Camping utilities – Pegs, guy ropes, peg hammer, etc.

Dustpan Dustpan and broom – Keep the floor clean, especially when staying at sandy camp sites.

Gas detector Gas detector – Essential installation if your van doesn’t already have one fitted. Legal requirement in most states.

Fire Extinguisher Fire extinguisher – We have two of these units installed – one at the front of the vehicle, adjacent to the passenger seat, and one at the rear, inside the barn doors. Just in case.

Hot water bottle

Cold weather camping?

A built-in diesel- or LPG-fuelled ducted air heater is the best option to keep your van warm on cold nights when free camping.

If not equipped with a heater, other options include hot water bottles, thermal long johns, doonas, fleece blankets, or maybe check out these Australian 12V Electric Blanket suppliers…

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Felt Pads

Felt pads – anti-rattle

Stop the rattles on rough roads. Head off to your local hardware store and pickup a pack of stick-on felt pads to fit to the inside of all doors and any other contacting surfaces that might rattle against each other. Suggestion – fit to ALL cupboards regardless of whether on not they rattle or vibrate now. (They will eventually loosen up!)

Light-weight carpet fitted to all shelves and horizontal storage areas is another great noise inhibitor.

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