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The bathroom fitted in a compact Campervan or Motorhome is most likely a ‘wet’ bathroom – where the toilet and shower share the same cubicle.

The advantage of a wet bathroom is that it is compact. The disadvantage is that when using the shower, the toilet – and everything else in the cubicle – also has a shower.

Here are some accessories that we have added to our basic setup, and found to be useful in maintaining and managing our onboard bathroom….

Shower head with switch  

Shower head (with on/off switch?) – I had always thought that a shower head with an on/off switch saved water – by not needing us to touch the wall tap, which also mixes the hot and cold water, thus causing the temperature to change (and be readjusted) each stop and start.

Our experience has been, after two shower heads, that the on/off switch eventually stops functioning smoothly, and we go back to using the wall tap. So, give the switch option a try, but it may not be a long-term success.

We have also replaced our original shower head with an EcoCamel air-injected shower head, which we find gives a stronger water flow for minimal extra water consumption.

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Bamboo shower board   Bamboo shower board – We don’t use this when showering, but rather for keeping our feet dry if using the toilet when the shower floor is wet. Also useful when storing equipment in the bathroom when travelling, if the floor is wet. (Though could be used when showering!)

Robe Hook   Towel hook – A robe hook fitted to the wall right outside the shower door provides a convenient and easy-to-reach location for a dry towel.

Suction caddy   Suction caddy – No drilling – fixes by suction pads to hold shampoo, soap, washers, etc on smooth fibre-glass shower unit walls.

Squeegee for Shower   SqueegeeThe smaller the better. Use to push leftover shower water (that hasn’t completely drained) towards the floor drain. As well as a quick wipe of the walls. (Our ‘next van’ will have dual shower drains installed!)

Chamois cloth   Chamois – An absorbent chamois cloth has proven to be ideal for wiping down the walls after showering in our ‘wet’ bathroom. 

LED Light   LED night light – A rechargeable LED night light with a movement sensor, mounted high on the shower wall with Velcro, is very useful when using the bathroom during the night. We chose a ‘warm white’ temperature, rather than a ‘daylight’ model, for a softer night light.

Roof vent   Roof fan-vent – A 12V roof mounted fan-vent is a useful facility if using the bathroom regularly. Can be used as a simple vent (without fan) if preserving stored battery energy, and is an excellent source of natural light in the bathroom during the day.

v2 extension in cubicle   Shower head extension – If your shower rail is on the same wall as your cassette toilet (in a compact bathroom) this DIY extension arm will bring the shower head out into the shower area. (For use with town water connection below.)

Town water inlet  

Town water connection – When staying in a caravan park or campground with an on-site water connection we can connect to the town water supply for longer showers, preserving our on-board water supply – and saving a trip to the amenities in inclement weather!  Read more >>>

Water Levels  

How much water do you need to carry for free-camping?

We have a 75 litre underfloor fresh water tank, and 2 x 5 litre portable fresh water containers ‘in reserve’. 

How long will our water supply last before we need to refill our tanks?

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