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About UsWe enjoyed many years travelling in VW Kombi and Toyota Hiace campervans, each of which included a pop-top roof, a fold-out bed, a small gas stove, a 3-way refrigerator, a 20 litre onboard water container, and a kitchen sink with a hand-operated pump tap. Very basic, but very comfortable – and very versatile.

When our family outgrew the Kombis and the Hiace we spent many more years tent camping – another wonderful shared family holiday experience.

Now that the focus of our holiday and travelling lifestyle has moved back to the two of us, our investment in a Mercedes Sprinter van (much like a giant Kombi) has added more space and comfort compared to our previous campervans, without jumping to a massive ‘home on wheels’. Most notably we now have a small bathroom.

It is the perfect size for our needs. While serving as an ideal travel vehicle, the Sprinter can also double as a second car, when required, for local transport.

Our move from tents to a larger campervan has been an enjoyable learning experience. The wide range of new appliances and accessories that have become available since our earlier campervan days has been the source of a great deal of interest and learning and, at times, some confusion. The options associated with the provision of a sustainable 12V power supply are a prime example.

Hopefully the information shared in these pages will assist others who are considering the purchase of, tinkering with, or regularly travelling in, a Compact RV or any other Campervan or Motorhome.

You can contact us at: warren.CompactRV@gmail.com