Free-camping Sustainability

For many, the ‘holy grail’ of the campervan / motorhome experience is to be fully self-contained and self-sufficient. Energy supply is a major consideration in maintaining self-sufficiency.

Off Grid CamperAppliances in our van are powered by

    • Electricity (12V or 230V);
    • Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG);
    • Diesel fuel.

Our electrical appliances – refrigerator, lights, TV, water pump, etc – are powered by 12V electricity. Some portable 230V appliances, such as a sandwich press, can be powered by a 12V DC – 230V AC inverter.

12V power is supplied by 2 x 120Ah deep-cycle LiFePO4 (Lithium) batteries, which can be recharged with electrical current generated by:

    • a 150W solar panel on the roof;
    • a 200W portable solar blanket;
    • the vehicle alternator;
    • a 230V AC power supply.

Our cooking facilities and hot water heating are powered by LPG or 230V.

    • LPG is supplied from two LPG bottles – 4.5Kg and 2.5kg. 

Our air heating is provided by a ducted Diesel heater or a portable 230V ceramic fan heater.

    • Diesel fuel for the heater is supplied from the vehicle’s 75L fuel tank.

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