Shower Head Extension Arm

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Shower head extension intro | Basic extension (v1) | Adjustable extension (v2)

Shower HeadWhen using our shower in a free-camping environment with our limited onboard water supply, we use the shower head in hand-held mode, so as to use as little water as possible. A water-flow switch on the handle is a useful feature in this situation.

When we have town water connected to the van we can leave the shower head in its mounting bracket on the wall and use the shower much like we do at home, adjusting water flow using the mixer tap on the wall.

However, the shower head in our van is mounted on the wall on the toilet side of the bathroom cubicle. In some ways this is a good thing – it doesn’t intrude into the limited bathroom space, and it directs the shower spray away from the door. But on the other hand, it isn’t quite close enough to the shower area for non-hand-held showers – we found ourselves leaning over the toilet to get closer to the shower head. Remember that the water pressure is limited to around 40 psi, so water isn’t exactly blasting out of the shower head.

So, we made a small extension arm on which to mount the shower head, bringing the shower head further into the cubicle. Not a huge extension, but enough to make the shower much more usable when it is attached to the wall.

Then, as with all such prototype designs, we found that it could be improved – but we weren’t both necessarily wanting the same options. So we redesigned the v1 shower extension arm to have an adjustable sleeve (v2), so that the arm could be extended or retracted for differing shower requirements.

Shower head extensions

Follow the links below for more information about our first basic extension arm (v1), and the new and improved adjustable extension arm (v2)…..

Extension v1 in cubicle   v2 extension in cubicle
Basic extension (v1)   Deluxe (adjustable) extension (v2)


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Sustainability: Batteries & Solar | Water | Heating