Fitting a Swytch OLED Controller Display to Fat Handlebars

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OLED displayWe have fitted a Swytch OLED controller display to a number of Swytch pedal-assisted bikes. We consider the display to be an ‘essential’ accessory for any Swytch conversion. Fitting the display has always been a straightforward process using the display’s built-in clamp – but all the bikes to which we have fitted the display have had flat handlebars, with a ‘standard’ diameter of around 22 mm.

The clamping mechanism on the OLED controller display is not designed to accommodate varying handlebar diameters – no shims, spacers, etc.

We recently fitted a Swytch kit to a friend’s road bike with drop bars – which were not only much thicker (~32 mm diameter), but also of an oval cross-section.

This required some creative design to modify the OLED display’s mounting clamp (22.2 mm diameter) to be fitted to the 32 mm oval handlebars.

Without going into all the gory details (coz every bike will be a little different), we used a plastic building spacer (10 mm thick), and cut from it a small block which we shaped and drilled with appropriate mounting holes and fitted it as an extension to the fixed side of the OLED clamp, attaching it using the original clamp screw. An additional longer screw fitted through the pivoting arm is used to reach to the extension block on the fixed side of the bracket to clamp the display to the handlebar.

This fitted OK on the oval section of the bars – but wouldn’t have been able to fit on the 32mm round section closer to the stem. Hopefully this may be of assistance with ideas for others facing a similar dilemma!

OLED clamp modification

Modified clamp fitted on bike

Another option (and no doubt a much easier alternative) would be to fit an accessory bar extender with a 32 mm clamp and a 22 mm mount bar. The main downsides with this option are that it would move the display’s e-Boost controls away from your thumb, and would need care when upending the bike to repair a tube…