Coronavirus – RV Travel Information

(Updated September 2022)

After a couple of years of border restrictions preventing interstate travel due to COVID-19, most travel restrictions affecting Campervan, Motorhome and caravan travellers have now been lifted. Widespread vaccination regimes have assisted in making chronic infection at least manageable.

States and territories can still apply their own entry and travel restrictions if they consider such measures necessary.

Some states may require registration (optional) when entering hospitality and retail outlets, and this is usually done through a QR code app. Download the relevant app before entering each state.

Social distancing is still respected in all states and territories. Face masks may be required on public transport in some states. Restrictions may apply in health care and aged care facilities.

Most importantly, travellers should respect the needs, sensitivities and vulnerabilities of regional communities.

States and territories may impose border restrictions at short notice if the situation escalates to a point where local medical facilities are not able to cope with rising numbers of infections causing chronic illness.

You can find more information regarding restrictions and guidelines for states and territories at the links below:

For more information about other Government regulations, staying at Holiday Parks, and access to Federal and NSW National Parks and campgrounds visit the sites below….