Portable Fridges & 12V Power

Fridge battery and solar panelDon’t have a Campervan, but still want to glamp-up your campsite with a fridge, and a 12V power supply?

A portable fridge is a great piece of camping kit for weekends away in the back of a van or in a tent – but you do need a reliable 12V power supply, not only to run the fridge, but also to hookup lights, and for charging phones and other devices.

Affordable portable fridges are now widely available, and it is pretty straightforward to setup a portable power supply, using a 12V deep-cycle battery fitted in a powered Battery Box – then just plug in a portable fridge, and even hook up a solar panel to recharge the battery for longer off-grid excursions.

A low-power inverter is also an option to provide a 230V outlet for charging drone and camera batteries or a laptop.

Or, if you have a slightly larger budget, a Portable Power Station is a one-stop-package that does it all!

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